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Living Ireland, every single day.

I’m Dan and I started LivingIreland.com in 2022, approximately 7 years later than I should have, after years of working across different tourism projects on the island, alongside living here every day!

Over the years I’ve partied in Dublin, strolled the beaches of Donegal, lived in Belfast, explored our national parks, and ate as much of our local produce as humanly possible.

Naturally, being born and bred on the Emerald Isle, I’ve also played GAA for my local hometown club, soaked up plenty of traditional music sessions, and drank plenty of Guinness and Irish whiskey along the way…

This is one insight into live on this island, with a bit of history, tourism, culture, life admin, and everything else in between!

Enjoy reading, and if you’d like to get in touch you can do here.


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