How Big is Ireland Compared to Texas?

Ireland is a small island country situated on the edge of both Europe, to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. 

Despite being famous worldwide for its history, culture, and famous sports and music exports, Ireland is a spec on the global scale.

Especially when compared to a country as large as the USA. 

How big is Ireland compared to Texas?

In terms of land mass, there’s a stark difference between the size of Ireland and the size of Texas, never mind the entirety of North America.

Ireland is 84,421km2.

The USA is 9.834 million km2.

Texas is 695,662km2. 

Those numbers might not necessarily mean much to you, so let’s put it another way. 

Texas is approximately 8.2 times the size of Ireland, meaning you could “position” or put almost TEN full islands of Ireland within the Texas state lines. 

Pretty crazy when you consider that Texas is only one of FIFTY states in America. Again reinforcing just how big the USA is when compared to European nations, and especially those as small as Ireland. 

No wonder Texas natives sometimes think of their state as a country in its own right.

Ireland v Texas Populations

It won’t surprise you to know that Texas isn’t just way bigger than Ireland, it’s also home to way more people as well.

According to a 2020 US census, the current population of Texas hovers around 29 million people! 

Ireland on the other hand has approximately 5 million people living in the south, and 1.8 million people living in Northern Ireland giving a grand total of approximately 6.8 million.

Texas has just over FOUR times as many residents as Ireland. 

Again, when you remember that this is just one American state… it starts to blow our Irish minds. 

We’re just glad we’re friends with the Americans! 

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  1. I grew up in West Texas and my family immigrated from Ireland around 1700. Without the Irish, America would not quite be America. I just read about the “Hole of Sorrows” being older than recorded history, and 1400 years older than the Great Pyramid. It makes perfect sense to me. The Irish are well-grounded and tenacious. They value value, if you see what I mean. God bless and take care of you and yours ; )


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